Simtronics Flame & Gas Detection

Simtronics (formerly known as Simrad) has been supplying Flame and Gas Detection equipment for over 25 years. The Flame and Gas Detectors from Simtronics are designed to protect lives and assets.

The Flame Detectors from Simtronics are suited to detect hydrocarbon fires whilst providing excellent false alarm immunity. The intelligent and self testing Flame Detectors from Simtronics are the fastest and most reliable flame detectors available.

Simtronics also offers Gas Detectors, with different Gas Detection principles. The Simtronics Combustible/Flammable Gas Detectors are equipped with both infrared and catalytic sensor technology. The Standard point, Extended point and the open path detectors covers all the relevant applications. The Toxis Gas Detectors from Simtronics are designed to be used in open area protection and in sampling systems.

Simtronics product range

The product range from Simtronics consists of Flame Detectors and Gas Detectors.

We can supply a wide range of Simtronics equipment worldwide. Due to our worldwide network and large stock, we are able to deliver the equipment in a short period of time against competitive prices.

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